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Our chocolate

At Fruene we create chocolate of top quality with premium ingredients. We temperate, cast, taste and come up with numerous different flavour combinations so that everyone can find their own personal favourite.

You can easily buy your favourite piece for your coffee, or if you are looking for a gift - we have multiple different sized gift-boxes. If you are searching for custom gifts for your company, friends or for special occasions, feel free to contact us in order to receive special offers and solutions tailor made just for you. In addition to the chocolates in the brochure there are always some extra surprises on our counter. We love experimenting with new flavour combinations - there are so many opportunities!

Enjoyed best when...

The small treats should be stored within a temperature of 10-18 degrees celsius, and since we do not use any preservatives, the chocolates should not be stored longer than 6 weeks after the stated production date. Quite nice actually - then you have an exceptionally valid excuse to eat everything quickly. Best enjoyed at room temperature!

But why chocolate?

When the chocolatier opened in 2014 the idea of being able to offer a genuine and locally produced souvenir was central.

A souvenir that did not say “made in China”, but rather “made in Longyearbyen”. It was to be a product with a delicate, luxurious and quite obvious arctic feel. However, as we all know: appearance is not everything, the inside actually counts more.

The taste also had to be world-class.

We wanted to create an experience - from first sight to the last “Mmm”. This experience would be as exciting for the visitors as for the locals.

The challenge was faced head on.

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